pc: Jocelyn Mesiti

pc: Jocelyn Mesiti

I am a wife to a wonderful man.  We are opposites in many ways but fit so well together.  I am a mama to two beautiful girls.  They remind me to be grateful for all of life’s little moments.  I am a perfectionist.  I love details.  My latest obsession is printing photo books for my daughters to hold.  I practice hand lettering every chance I get.  Yoga is my way of staying centered.  It is virtually impossible for me to resist eating a piece of chocolate cake if placed in front of me.  

Photography is my passion.  

Freezing a moment...


that might otherwise


I don’t have many photos from my childhood.  I cherish the few I do have.  There are many gifts I want to give my daughters, but images to document their lives will be my most important.  What’s your story?  Let’s document it together, shall we?  

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